Taste of Magic Collection (Books 1 – 3)

The Taste of Magic Collection – Books 1 thru 3, is available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

When Harper returns to her hometown after her divorce, the last things she expects to discover is a body in her aunt’s bakery, a cat who only talks during the full moon, and that she’s suffering from a curse.

In Cupcakes, Conjures and a Casualty, despite spells gone wrong and a renewed curse, Harper struggles to solve a murder even as the list of suspects grows and danger ramps. Will her return to Willow Hollow end up a recipe for disaster?

She must, for the sake of Willow Hollow, make sure a murderer gets his or her just desserts in Pie, Potions and Poison.

The odds, in Donuts, Divination and a Deceased, are against her. And, like sprinkles on top, a bad case of wrong-way magic, murder and mystery awaits.

Fledgling witch Harper Dade struggles to bake, sleuth, and to share a Taste of Magic in the first three books of the Taste of Magic Mysteries cozy mystery series.

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