Series & Books

Midlife Ghost Hunter Mysteries
(Coming 2023)

Murder, She Witches
(Coming 2023)

Midlife Matchmaker Mysteries

Midlife can be daunting. But haunting? A ghost insists his murder be solved and that a newfound witch be his eternal bride.

Having lost her home, forced to live out of her shop, and on the verge of eviction, Vanessa Holt goes with her friends to a psychic fair at the local event center to celebrate her recent divorce.

A quirky fortune-teller plays matchmaker to awaken a spirit set on discovering the details of his not-so-recent death. Solve his murder or become his betrothed. Neither comes easy for the secondhand shop owner.

Danger looms, and Vanessa can’t even give away the butterfly brooch responsible for her surge of unexpected growing supernatural abilities. Nor can she deny her interest in Trevor Austin, the event center’s attractive living, breathing featured sculptor.

Above all, she strives to escape her empty-nester cocoon of uncertainty and to accept that she has magical abilities and is likely a witch. Struggling to welcome romance into her life, she must solve the mystery of the ghost’s death to prevent him from destroying her and her friends’ lives and embrace her calling to survive.

Midnight Calls Ghost Hunter Mysteries

Proving ghosts exist can be murder…

Forty-something psychic medium Marna Langley, a paranormal investigator and rising television personality, faces off against a world-renowned debunker.

With only 48-hours to investigate the infamous cemetery caretaker’s house, Marna, along with her ghost-shifting cat, and her team set out to capture evidence of numerous reported hauntings.

But while she deals with unpredictable spirit channeling sessions and a glitchy crystal ball, the debunker goes missing and Marna’s co-host is blamed.

As she and her crew film a Midnight Calls episode, they discover the debunker’s body. Proving the cohost innocent may be impossible because he, along with the locals—both living and dead—believe he’s guilty of this recent murder in Death’s Door, Tennessee.

When midnight calls… who or what will answer?

Witches of Willow Hollow

There’s nothing worse than a witch who can’t magic, unless you add an assistant baker who can’t bake, a bad case of wishcraft, and an unexpected black cat familiar.

Suffering a sudden surge of wishcraft that encourages her to become an amateur sleuth, Harper and her newfound familiar search for evidence surrounding the cupcake creation class gone wrong. Together they delve into the murder of an obnoxious ghost tour guide not quite ready to move on.

When the investigation goes awry and the local mechanic—who’s not just a wizard with car engines but an actual wizard—seems interested in her, she struggles to squelch her overwhelming urge to look for clues.

Yet, there’s no turning back when the potential killer targets her and the local shifter newshound, with the full moon on the horizon.

With the help of her black cat familiar Bub, her newly surfacing witchiness, and the quirky citizens of the magically imbued tourist town, Harper’s return to Willow Hollow turns into a recipe for disaster.