Midnight Calls Mysteries

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August 2, 2021 Release

Proving ghosts exist can be murder…

Forty-something psychic medium Marna Langley, a paranormal investigator and rising television personality, faces off against a world-renowned debunker.

With only 48-hours to investigate the infamous cemetery caretaker’s house, Marna, along with her ghost-shifting cat, and her team set out to capture evidence of numerous reported hauntings.

But while she deals with unpredictable spirit channeling sessions and a glitchy crystal ball, the debunker goes missing and Marna’s co-host is blamed.

As she and her crew film a Midnight Calls episode, they discover the debunker’s body. Proving the co-host innocent may be impossible because he, along with the locals—both living and dead—believe he’s guilty of this most recent murder in Death’s Door, Tennessee.

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