Midnight Calls Mysteries

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Proving ghosts exist can be murder…

Forty-something psychic medium Marna Langley, a paranormal investigator and rising television personality, faces off against a world-renowned debunker.

With only 48-hours to investigate the infamous cemetery caretaker’s house, Marna, along with her ghost-shifting cat, and her team set out to capture evidence of numerous reported hauntings.

But while she deals with unpredictable spirit channeling sessions and a glitchy crystal ball, the debunker goes missing and Marna’s co-host is blamed.

As she and her crew film a Midnight Calls episode, they discover the debunker’s body. Proving the co-host innocent may be impossible because he, along with the locals—both living and dead—believe he’s guilty of this most recent murder in Death’s Door, Tennessee.

Each Midnight Calls cozy mystery features a paranormal investigation. The books in the series may be read in any order. When midnight calls… who or what will answer?


Murder Psyched – Available Now
Murder Ghosted – November 2nd (Available for Preorder)
Murder Deja Vued – November 30th (Available for Preorder)

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